Coaster Box

Here is a coaster box I made for a friend as a 'thank you' gift...let me just say, I have seen TONS of these made, even read a tutorial about them; but nowhere did I see a notation that you should use the MEDIUM WEIGHT coasters. Yeah, it's really made with coasters - go figure!! When I ordered mine from an Ebay store, they only had the light weight coasters in stock (so I didn't even know they had DIFFERENT weights) - so that's what I bought. Let me just say; this was the HARDEST project I have ever done in my life!!! It sure didn't turn out like all those 'other' great samples I saw - LOL! Nonetheless, my friend liked it - so that alone made the pain worth it! I filled it with a bag of candy, I think the candy has since been removed and it holds pens and pencils. I do love the paper covering the box...just didn't like the process. Can't wait to order some medium weight coasters and try this again! :)
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