Stamped Silk Scarf

A friend from SCS (Splitcoast Stampers) sent me a silk scarf to stamp...she sent it MONTHS ago; but I finally got the courage to stamp it this morning. I don't have a lot of pigment inks (the type of ink needed to stamp clothing and such); but I made due with what I had. I'm giving this to my mom for her upcoming b-day. Being my mom, she'll like it no matter what I think! lol
The first image is the scarf laid out flat; the 2nd image is the scarf folded up.



WOW; I received the most beautiful RAK (Random Act of Kindness) from a stamping buddy I've met online through one of my stamping groups. She makes the MOST beautiful background papers I've ever encountered. She's even been kind enough to share all her tips and techniques with me...but I just get inky fingers and can't seem to create anything as beautiful as she does. That's okay; I envy her ability!!

This card is mounted on gorgeous green shimmery cardstock; then burgundy, another layer of green and then the top layer with all the bright colors. The "joy" is embossed with gold; the entire card is finished with a burgundy ribbon...I just LOVE it. I want to keep it within my eyesight as much as possible....this friend knows what a difficult year we've had with the loss of my DH's father. We still struggle so much day-to-day....more than I knew we would. The kids have bounced back much better than DH and I have! Figures...kids are so resilient.

Thank you for the beautiful gift CW!


Purse Card with Prismas

I have had so much fun making these little purses, it's strictly a stamp from http://www.toomuchfunrubberstamps.com/. You stamp the purse end-to-end, cut it out and voila, you have a purse. I use velcroe on the handle to keep it closed, fill it with a post-it-note that can be changed out when it's empty. I added a couple prisma flowers to this one and I LOVE it! Thought it made it that much more 'girly'.

I also ventured out and used my brand new Xyron 900 machine tonight. I've had it a month and never used it - overcame my fear (insert chuckle) and it worked GREAT; can't wait to see what else I can make - whee - the fun is JUST beginning.

Hope everyone had a great weekend; thanks for stopping by!


Busy, busy!

WOW; this is an incredibly busy week. Our little ones have basketball practice 2 nights this week, we have 2 Christmas programs (2 different nights of course); an appointment on the 5th night....whew - an entire week full of activities. Not to mention the b-day party one of our daughter's is going to on Saturday. I'm tired just realizing we're only on Wednesday...two more days of insanity to go! :) Three if you count Saturday!

Haven't found much time to stamp; I have several Christmas orders due so I've worked on them a bit each night....getting closer. I hope to buckle down and get some stamping time in this weekend...it's only going to get crazier the closer we get to Christmas - and if it weren't 10:30 p.m., I'd head downstairs to stamp and play...but rest calls, so to bed I shall go.

Thanks for stopping by; have a great evening.


B-I-G Wish

Another b-day card for an upcoming party our 8 yr. old daughter will be attending. This is for one of her 'best' friends - said with an 8 yr. old squealy, giggling voice - oh come, use your imagination here!

I saw the upcoming b-day girl tonight and asked "What's your favorite colors?". She replied "Lime Green, Pink, Orange"...that was enough for me, I just went flying with those colors.

The first is her b-day card with faux shaving cream on the "BIG"; the next 2 pictures are the front & back of a small notebook I made for her. I labeled the girls on the front of the little notebook; they'll get such a kick out of that!

Thanks for stopping by!


Blooming with Happiness

This is a card I did this morning for a b-day party...you have to understand, I was asked to do K-State colors (Kansas State University - purple/grey); so I had to oblige! :) Don't blame me, I'm not a K-State fan; ya gotta remember, I'm a Boomer Sooner and Cornhusker mixed. LOL!

The top card is on shimmery white paper; layered on Going Grey; layered on Eggplant Envy. The lower half of the top card is stamped with French Script; the top is stamped randomly with flowers - I need to learn to like more 'empty' space; it's a bit busy. The ribbon is 2-sided; purple and grey - not the best match of purples, but hey, my daughter was excited, so that's all that really matters, right?

I also made a little notebook to match the card and inserted it in the gift. The more I look at the card...it's growing on me. :)


More Purse Cards

I just love making these purse cards; they are SO EASY (right up my alley) lol!! The purse stamp is from www.toomuchfunrubberstamps.com; cute, cute stamps, check them out! Stamp the purse end-to-end, cut out, add post-it notes and voila, all done! And they look fabulous. Once the post-it notes run out; just add a new stack; these purses hold the 3 x 3 post-it notes.

The burgundy ones are made from really cute Christmas paper; there are 2 light blue purses with white dashed lines running through the paper and one pink purse with the same white dashed lines. The pink and blue pics didn't turn out true to color; just use your imagination!

Have a great evening, thanks for stopping by!


WOW; I've been absent for quite awhile huh? Unfortunately, we lost Jim's (DH) father to cancer November 16; the service was November 21. Thankfully, we were able to stay with his family for an entire week - we had a good time...as good as you can have when you've lost a significant person from your life! (insert VERY sad face) Certainly adds a whole new meaning to Thanksgiving.

I haven't had any time to create; but I hope to get back to it this week - I'm ready for some down time!

Our indoor dog (we have 3 outdoor/hunting dogs) is also with the vet and is in the early stages of kidney failure...she's old, but man, I'm stressing over losing her too. She's been with us for 13 years, so she's been here all of our kids lives - that's going to be another tough loss! Not sure what's going to happen yet.

I hope each of you had a fabulous Thanksgiving; check back soon for some new creations!


Holiday Open House

These are some of the post-it-note purses I made for the mini craft fair yesterday; these two pink ones have heart post-it-notes inside. I ended up selling ALL (yippee) the post-it-note purses I made.

I also made these more 'Christmas' themed post-it-note purses; these are so fun and easy to make; but look so awesome! They're all fastened with a small piece of Velcro at the top of the handle. The best part? When the post-it-notes run out - just fill it up again - kind of like the energizer bunny, it goes and goes and goes. Most people like to carry these in their purses - great idea...unless you have a purse like mine - it would get mutilated in there I'm afraid. LOL!!!
I also made several of the 'candles in a tin'; idea from Taylored Expressions. These were good selling items too; each tin holds approximatley 1 1/2 votives. These two have vanilla scents inside.

This next set (snowmen) have the cucumber melon scent which I normally don't like at all; but I thought these smelled great. These pics are a bit harder to see; but it's a snowman with a little person peeking around. Very cute! All images were colored with markers.

The last set has all snowflakes and are Carribean scented; more of a manly scent, but I still like them. Each candle tin is decorated with micro-beads on the top - I think these are my new 'favorite' item!

I hope all of you have had a fantastic weekend. Saturday was beautiful - today appears to be very windy and chilly outside (taken from my 6 yr. old, I haven't ventured out there yet); but we will soon! Enjoy the rest of your weekend; thanks for stopping by!


More Ramblings....

I took several of the new projects I made last night to work today - BINGO - I got several orders for Christmas gifts. WOO HOO; I also got invited (very last minute) to participate in a mini craft show. I'm currently making items for a Spring Craft Fair so I'll work a bit quicker and throw a few more things together as this mini craft show is......(drum roll).....SATURDAY! THIS Saturday!

That's okay; it's going to be fun and I'm not going to panic. I have a few things left from my last craft show; some things I'd just like to 'move', so I'll deeply discount those and what I get done between now and then will work just fine! It'll also give me a good feel for 'hot items' to focus on for the Spring Craft Fair.

I love Christmas....I know, we haven't even passed Thanksgiving, but I'm focusing on Christmas - snowflakes, snowmen and glitter - lots of *BLING* going on here. LOL!

AND my best friend has an upcoming b-day; fun times are on the horizon.

I also got my 'fix' tonight which is Grey's Anatomy; I feel better. I love that show. I seldom watch TV, but I am definitely glued to Grey's Anatomy. We weren't home tonight when it aired, but thank goodness for TIVO!!! We watched it when we returned home while working on a few craft projects; time passes quickly when you're watching and doing something you really enjoy!

I hope to get some pictures posted soon; but it'll probably be after the craft fair so I can focus as much as possible.

Hope you each have a great evening! Thanks for stopping by!



WOW; what a great day! Each Wednesday I work 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., rather than 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., so I sneak home early while the kids are still at school and find some crafting time for mommy! Doesn't happen often!

I love a creation made by Taylor recently (candles on the go); she's one of my favorite links (Taylored Expressions), so check it out...anyway, I'm working to make some of the candles she made. Oh my gosh (insert shocked face), what an absolute blast. I completed one; made a small 3x3 card to go with it and tied it all up in cellophane with a ribbon.

BUT I couldn't stop there, I picked up these great little notebooks the other day so I made a matching card (5x5) for one of the notebooks, and again...I couldn't stop there, so I made a purse with 3x3 sticky notes inside. So much creation...and I realize it's now 11 p.m. I'll be tired tomorrow, but what fun and relaxation it was! I'll get some pictures posted soon!
I "love" the brightness of this card; base cardstock is Lovely Lilac; layered with Black, which is then layered with Whisper White. The tulips are stamped with White Craft Ink; then embossed with clear embossing powder. The Lovely Lilac and Gable Green are sponged onto the Whisper White cardstock. Stamped the "Faith" message last in black.

The lower portion is a piece of Gable Green cardstock layered on black and punched using a paper piercing template. Adds a little 'pizzazz' to the card I think, what do you think?


Had to be fair...this is the Kansas University collage card I made. No harrassing; I live in Toto-land...what do you expect!
Recent Kansas State University collage card I made - I struggle a great deal with collage, but this turned out okay!?! Don't worry; I have a Kansas University one too...

Besides that, WHAT am I doing making either of these, I'm a Boomer Sooner and a Cornhusker chick! <*grin*>

This is a recent "Thank You" card I made for a co-worker. She gave the thank you cards to the hostesses of her baby shower and still has a few left over for when the little one arrives.

All cardstock by Stampin' Up (Lavendar Lace, Mellow Moss, Whisper White); I combined a few stamp sets to create the card; the ribbon is from Wal-Mart.

Blogging...what's the buzz!

Everyone seems to be blogging these days - thought I'd jump on the bandwagon . I've found so much inspiration on various blog sites I've visited for stamping and papercrafting; thought I'd start one too and see where it goes. Thanks for checking it out - check back often as I hope to post new creations quite often!