MORE Bellas!

These were two more "bella" cards I made to go in a set of note cards for a friend. The base cards were purchased with the striping already there - I just added the bellas, ribbon, rub-ons and card stock underneath the bellas. The 'orange' bella is called "imeldabella" and the "green" bella is called "emmybella"; aren't they just adorable?
I colored the bellas in with Aquacolors and odorless mineral spirits - still experimenting with this; but learning to love the results!
I purchased the bellas from http://www.stampingbella.com. I love working with Em from this place; they're located in Canada, but she's wonderful to work with and her blog CRACKS ME UP!!! And I sure need a laugh now and then!
Did anyone notice the new picture I added by my profile? Yep; that's our 3 precious little ones, stair-stepping in age but growing up so quickly. Two just had b-days, one more to come in April.
Tomorrow the DH and I are celebrating 15 years - WOO HOO. Hard to squeeze in a date with 3 kids, basketball practice the rest of the week and 3 basketball games on Saturday; but I'm taking Friday afternoon off to work on items for my upcoming craft show so he's going to meet me for lunch. He works 45 minutes from where I work; so that's a big chunk out of his day...but he loves me! I wouldn't trade our years for ANYTHING; I'd go back and do my wedding EXACTLY THE SAME if we did it tomorrow! What a fantastic memory! (<*wink*>)....OK, sappy time has ended.
Have a great evening and thanks for stopping by!! ~M.

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