Busy, busy!

WOW; this is an incredibly busy week. Our little ones have basketball practice 2 nights this week, we have 2 Christmas programs (2 different nights of course); an appointment on the 5th night....whew - an entire week full of activities. Not to mention the b-day party one of our daughter's is going to on Saturday. I'm tired just realizing we're only on Wednesday...two more days of insanity to go! :) Three if you count Saturday!

Haven't found much time to stamp; I have several Christmas orders due so I've worked on them a bit each night....getting closer. I hope to buckle down and get some stamping time in this weekend...it's only going to get crazier the closer we get to Christmas - and if it weren't 10:30 p.m., I'd head downstairs to stamp and play...but rest calls, so to bed I shall go.

Thanks for stopping by; have a great evening.

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