RI What If? Wednesday

Hello friends, how are you?

Today is What If? Wednesday at The House That Stamps Built - hop on over and check out all the fabulous creations made with Wendy's incredible sketch.

This week...well, I'm a bit of a slacker, I don't have a creation with the sketch provided by Wendy, BUT I do have another card to show you! This is a recent sympathy card I made; I loved coloring in the flowers with my Copics. I added a strip of vellum with the sentiment stamped directly onto it, then added two buttons and mounted it with a bit of an arch - tough to see in the pictures, but so cool IRL.

I also used PTI's envelope liner and created a matching liner for the card - gives it such a fabulous touch.

Meanwhile, in my "other" life, the kids have started school and if things weren't busy enough - they are even CRAZIER now! Ah, I so know why I like the 'lazy days of summer'; even though I work full-time outside the home, just not having somewhere to go every single night is nice!

Anyway, I thought I'd give you a few peeks into some recent fun...and not so fun times we've had.

Let's start with the fun stuff...but ONLY if you promise me you hopped over to The House That Stamps Built and checked out those amazing creations!

OK, first up is a spa day with the girls...well, we started with the girls getting their nails painted - this is them while drying their nails with "the teen" being her silly self. She chose yellow and "the bug" chose a bright blue color. "The bug" loves lime green and had chosen a green, but it just didn't show up, so she switched to this blue.

Then the fun really began - "the teen" got her braces off - after 2 1/2 L-O-N-G Y-E-A-R-S and lots of pain (think roof of mouth lasered open, chain attached to tooth, etc.). I was much more excited than she was! LOL

I have cried, been disappointed when it took so much longer than we thought it would, but nothing compares to the pure joy I experienced when they came off and her glorious smile was revealed! AND the picture of she and her orthodontist is just as amazing. There are some doctors I "love" and some that I tolerate..I love this guy; he does amazing work!

Alyssa NEVER, EVER, EVER shed a tear through the entire process. Even though after her mouth was lasered open, she couldn't eat for 2 weeks without drinking something that would freeze the roof of her mouth allowing her to sneak in some food while it was numb! I'm a wimp - she is amazingly strong! She got her braces off the day before she started high school; therefore I can no longer joke "you're going to graduate with those braces on your teeth!".

We then had a fabulous lunch, did some back to school shopping then "the bug" endured an hour long vision test. THAT was one of the not so fun parts; she must undergo vision therapy - we define it as "THIS IS GOING TO COST US MEGA"...

Anyway, this past weekend, we had a bit more fun. "The son" is playing tackle football - he LOVES it (think, sleeps in his football pants WITH the pads in them) - oh he makes me laugh. Anyway, I dropped him at practice & "the teen" and her friend wanted to go to the high school football scrimmage so I dropped them off too. I was gone about 45 minutes & received a call from "the teen" asking me to come and get her right away, she was covered in a rash. THIS is what I found when I picked her up:

Both legs, both arms, her neck & face were covered, so we jetted to Wal-mart for some Benadryl gel & tablets. They quickly took care of the problem, we got her rinsed off and changed her clothes and on with life she went. Thankfully she didn't leave claw marks on herself, it was itching so bad.

Thanks for journeying along with me; it's crazy but fun and I wouldn't change it for the world! Love ya "the teen", "the bug", and "the son"; you're one of the best gifts God ever gave me.


  1. Are those Daffodils or Jonquils? Well, they're pretty much the same thing and that is my FAV flower! Did you know that about me? Love the card. Love ya, BFF

  2. Pretty coloring! I love the added vellum strip!

  3. Ohhhhh, my oldest had to wear braces for a VERY long time, you're right, what a joy to see such a beautiful smile revealed after the long wait. She's beautiful!

    Love the use of vellum on your card!

  4. I had to wear braces for about 6 years, it was a tough time but I'm so so thankful for my orthadontic treatment now! Your daughter is a lot stronger than me, I cried so much! She has a beautiful smile! x

  5. Oh Michele, girl you do have your hands full!! What a gorgeous family you have! Congrats to the teen and her beautiful smile. You're gonna have to beat the boys off with a stick on those girls!! What a couple of cuties!!
    What a perfect sympathy card too! I have such a difficult time with those and I LOVE the vellum strip too. Great idea!


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