Another Little Secret up my Sleeve!

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I have been selected for a new Design Team and I am SO excited! These girls are so much fun; we've been chatting it up and I cannot wait to get started.

Please join me in introducing The Lovely Ladybugs!

We'll be designing for Ladybug Crafts Ink, Kerry the owner is QUITE a handful. Somehow she's already been crowned "Head Ladybug" AND "Miss Whiplash"...hmmm..that last part is a bit alarming.

Anywho - check out all the design team members packed full of international flair - we hail from: USA, Canada/Scotland, France, South Africa & England - now how's THAT for royalty?

Pop on over and visit my other friend's at their blogs and give them a big warm welcome!!

Kerry - Ladybug Crafts Ink
Tams - Droplets in a Rusty Bucket (what a cool blog name eh?
Hayley - Funky Farm Scrapbook Barn (well, now that's another cool name)
Pinky - Pinky-Pinkysworld
Mary J - Mary J Designs
Gaelle - Fait Main... par theCook (she's getting married today too - CONGRATULATIONS GAELLE)
Michele - Whimsical Creations (<---- hey, I know this one!) Sue - Sue's Assorted Ramblings
Lisa - Mess 2 Magic
Anita - Anita's Designs

And don't forget to visit our online store where you can shop till you drop - yeah baby! Ladybug Crafts Ink Online Store.

Hope your Saturday is fabulous!! Hugs, ~M.


  1. Judging by our chats yesterday I think I picked my team well Michele!! Congratulations ... I am so excited to be working with you. BTW...it was Abby from ...omg I just had it at the tip of my tongue...I'll be back later when I remember. Is this what they call old age hmph??? xx OMG...it's just come back to me ROFL...LA Law!!! Phew...I need a lie down now!

  2. HI Michele - Congratulations !
    if we carry on as we did last night i just know we are going to have soooo much fun fun fun!
    Best go before Miss Whiplash catches me lol

    Have a great day ... love to your mum
    And fingers crossed for the games
    Lisa ;)
    ps - how do i become a follower of your blog - cant see the followers button

  3. Loved last night's fun, even though it hurt every time I burst out laughing, it's the best therapy/medicine though and I think working with you lovely ladies is going to do me the world of good (and my facial muscles!!)
    Congratulations and thinking of you all. Love and hugs xxx

  4. Hi Michele. Love your blog and look forward to working with you and the other Lovely Ladybugs. Hmm, sounds like you've all been having so much fun. Glad I'm home now so I can join in.

  5. Congrats on the design team Michele, had a right laugh at the goings on last night lol. Can't wait for the fun to start.

  6. Congrats, Michele - how exciting!

  7. Congratulations Michele, i'm looking forward to working with you all and seeing what we all come up with :-)


    Sue xx

  8. WOW! Congrats! This is so exciting!

  9. Congrats Michelle, I am sure you'll have loads of fun!
    Take care


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