Piece of Cake

Last week or so, I posted a couple Clean & Simple cards (CAS); here's the other 2 I made the same evening. Sorry for the delay in posting these; if you stick around till the very end, I'll share some of the fun I've experienced lately! :D

I *heart* this stamp set by Papertreyink, Piece of Cake; you can do so many fun things with it! The base card is Gina K's 120 lb. Pure Luxury card stock, beautiful, sturdy paper!

I stamped the top and layers of the cake in chocolate (YUM!) and then stamped the layers in pink - doesn't it look scrumptious? I embossed each card with an oval nestability; on one the embossing is raised, on the other it's indented - two very different looks. Very simple way to add some pizazz to your cards.

A couple of the greetings in the Piece of Cake set can be stamped in two different colors of ink; such a nice twist to the sentiments! As you can see I stamped the "how it is" in pink and stamped the "sweet" in chocolate.

These cards were super simple and quick to make; I love how they turned out. I hope you've had a great weekend; I'm glad you popped in!

Now for those of you that stuck around for the really unbelievable personal stuff, I think I have some entertainment for you! :D

I departed Wednesday afternoon for a business trip to Atlanta, GA...I might mention I don't like to fly; but I'm doing better and better. Anyway, we arrived Wednesday, checked into our hotel, went to dinner and then I came back and worked until 12:30 a.m. to finish putting our presentation together.

The next morning I got up, had breakfast and then met briefly with my boss. I then got a key to our meeting room so I could 'check it out'; I had told the hotel we would have 15 people arriving for the meeting. They said they could easily put some additional chairs around the table and we'd be good to go. Oh my, was THAT an understatement!!! The room was HALF the size of a typical hotel room - HALF THE SIZE with a small oval table in it. No way would it hold all of us. I went to the front desk to speak with them, we talked about what we might do. Well, my boss took one look and said absolutely not. Then he turned to me and said walk to the ____ hotel and the ____ hotel and see if they have a room. In my mind, I'm thinking, NO WAY - it's pouring rain outside. So instead I went to my room, made some phone calls and found a room. When I called my boss back to let him know, he replied "did you see it"; I said no, he said walk over and look at it. OH MY GOSH.

I have no umbrella but some nice gentleman sitting down to eat breakfast loaned me his. Um, let's see...I walked about 300 yards or so in the pouring rain, across the highway (with semi-high heel sandals) to view the room - all is fine, I book the room.

I mention I'm having lunch brought in that day and the lady says "we don't allow outside caterers"....seriously; is my whole trip going to be like this? So I walk BACK to the first hotel, get to my room, dry my feet, TRY to dry my sandals, call to cancel the food order and on we go.

We had 5 people whose flights were delayed due to the weather (this really should have been an indication of things to come). The rain stopped, everyone arrived and on we went.

Fast forward to Friday; it's pouring rain and they are predicting a BLIZZARD in our home state, Kansas. It continues to rain all day; I book flights for Saturday morning as it appears we won't make it home Friday night. Sure enough, it's sleeting and snowing in our home town, they close our office in Kansas early, everyone goes home but it doesn't appear we'll be going home. BUT the weather for Saturday is supposed to be much worse. Is that possible?

Well....our flights are still on as of 5 p.m. Friday night so we wrap things up and head to the airport - still pouring rain. We check in for our flight; 2 of us check our bags and off to find some dinner we go. We eat, we're chatting, someone gets up to check the board for our flight and it has been canceled. N-I-C-E...anyone notice a really bad theme here?

Oh, but Air Tran is flying from Atlanta to Wichita and their flight is still a GO...so we weigh the costs, cancel our hotel rooms and book tickets on the Air Tran flight. Well, they don't have an agreement with Delta, so they won't transfer our tickets or our baggage. OK, whatever, just get me home!!!

We fly home; I get to fly first class (first time ever) and I'm sitting beside a soldier returning from Iraq. He was coming 'home' to his wife and 3 children; he made the flight a lot of fun; I really enjoyed it.

So we get home, file a delayed luggage claim and they will deliver my luggage the next day. At 7 p.m. Sunday night, I still don't have my luggage and I've called 4 times to check on it and talked to someone each time. At 8 p.m. Sunday I call again and find my luggage is in Wichita, but they have no idea when it will be delivered. So off I went to the airport; I FINALLY got my luggage at 10 p.m.! It contained all my makeup, my hair dryer, my diffuser, clothes, toothbrush, contact solution, etc. Yes, all those things can be replaced, but has anyone calculated the cost to replace those things? SHEESH!!

Also Sunday morning, I received a call from my mother; my dad was taken by ambulance to the hospital. URGH...come on, I want out of this nightmare! Dad appears to be doing okay but has been admitted to the hospital for additional tests tomorrow (Monday). So that story is to be continued.

Now, I'm looking forward to Monday, a 4-day work week and on Friday I'm headed to Texas to the races - WOO HOO; I can't wait...even better? I'm NOT flying! :D

See...you never knew my life could be such fun huh? Glad you stuck around for the summary.

Hugs, ~M.

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