Remember the great white hunter?

Now he's a handsome cowboy!


The 1st graders did a Kansas program today - what fun it was and THIS is how our young man dressed:

He did great during the program and I thought he looked mighty fine! AND this young man is celebrating his 8th birthday tomorrow; he has been counting down since January 1st - LOL! Anyone that knows me well knows he takes after me in celebrating birthdays - I LOVE them and can't wait to celebrate my own every year.

Hope you're having a great week; I'm in the middle of baking 2 batches of brownies for Jared to take to school tomorrow. Yummy!

Have a great day; hugs, ~M.


  1. Happy birthday Jared!!!! I have twin boys who share the same birthday! They turn 11 and can't wait either!! YOU GO COWBOY!!! Have a SUPER DUPER Birthday!!!

  2. Happy Birthday kiddo! (My son will be 3 on Feb. 9 -- he's got the countdown going on, too!)

  3. Happy Birthday Jared!!!


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