Read THIS blog and scroll down till you see the heading "45." in lime green and read it - I think it's hysterical. Julie has such a great sense of humor and I need to borrow it. I came home today to the contents of a bottle of nail polish IN THE SINK AND ON A FRYING PAN. Hot pink in case you were interested.

Now why, oh why do I not think to take pictures? Is it b/c steam is rolling from my ears and my hair is on fire - is that why?

I'll be able to laugh about it.........in a year or two!!!

Calgon...take me away!!


  1. 45...too stinkin funny! Your kiddos were out of school today weren't they???

  2. Very funny...and you are right, one day you WILL laugh over the nail varnish :-) Chrissy


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