One brave...and cute...girl!

I haven't had the chance to "create" all week long - life keeps getting in the way. LOL!

The craziness began January 2nd when our oldest got 6 braces on the top. I didn't think 6 was all that bad; but holy cow, was she in pain. She's our "strongest" child by far and she cried for 3 days. I was shocked at how quickly - just those 6 braces - began to move her teeth!

Then came oral surgery; last week they removed 2 baby teeth on the right side of her mouth. I love my dentist, but I HATE the work they do!!! I'm a crybaby, I admit it, I'm not ashamed. But she was so very strong and her dentist is incredible - he sings to the kids as he "wiggles" the teeth - which is what he calls it when he's pulling teeth. Our children see a pediatric dentist that is the *most* amazing guy. I told him one time that I loved him and my OB-GYN - LOL. Awww...I'll share that story some day.

OK, roll forward to this week - hubby leaves town for a week, our oldest has oral surgery again. This time they are taking 3 teeth on the left side - all baby teeth; however, one molar does not have a successor, so there's no tooth underneath to eat away the roots of the baby tooth and make it loose.

So...if it's not loose...then it's REALLY stuck, right? Oh yeah, it sure was. It left a hole about the size of the end of my pinky finger - I can gag just remembering all this.

My dear, dear mother has come to town both times to help me - praise God for my mom; she's our saving grace!! So....our daughter did great during the surgery, but I guess when they came home, they weren't putting the gauze padding directly on the extraction sites so it wasn't stopping the bleeding. I came home to quite the mess - more blood than I really care to handle.

We ran out of the padding they gave us, so I resorted to paper towels rolled up and tucked in all 3 places. The 2 smaller teeth finally quit bleeding, but that large molar just wouldn't stop. She was so sweet, she would put the padding on the spot, with my help; then flip it around to the other end then we'd change it again. We changed padding every 15 minutes until 8 p.m. WHEW!

She was so tired; she finally went to bed at 8:30 p.m. even though it wasn't totally finished bleeding - but it was definitely much better. Let me just say, when she awoke this morning? Well....um...it was DISGUSTING, oh so disgusting; I thought I was going to toss my cookies. No need to give you the details of that!!!!

BUT she awoke feeling much better today and as she was getting ready for school, she wanted me to put her hair up this morning - she's got that pre-tween thing going on. So here are two pix of the bun we did - pretty good for my first bun, right? tee hee

I have semi-long hair and love to do fun things with it; now I have a daughter growing up that's ready to let me fix her hair. Pray for them. HA HA

Our youngest daughter doesn't really feel it necessary to brush her own hair - surely there's hope for her right?

Tomorrow is another big day - she gets all her bottom braces on - and they'll need to hold a spot for the tooth that didn't have a successor underneath - she'll eventually need an implant there. :(

So...that's what we call "life getting in the way".

I hope YOU are having a great week!! I hope to squeeze in some stamping time this weekend, I have lots more Valentine treats to make. Thanks for stopping by; have a great weekend! ~M.


  1. Oh poor girl and poor Mom, too! (I just had to laugh at your youngest not caring about brushing her hair -- my almost 5 year old doesn't see the point, and she is a girly-girl, so I'm hoping she'll outgrow that stage!!)

    Good job on the bun! Just wanted to drop by and say HI!
    Alyssa (SBS 10)

  2. Oh I feel for her, I had a lot of work done on my teeth a few years ago that involved loads and loads of hours in the dentists chair. It makes me cringe to think about it......but, I am so glad I had it done now. So well done to her and you.....and as you say, life just gets too busy soemtimes. Have a gret w/e

  3. Sending you a big mommy hug! Weeks like this are tough! Cute hair do :) I love playing with Manda's hair and gasped at my husband last week when he suggested I cut it! He back tracked and said okay how about a trim...hee hee!

    Sending positive dental work thoughts!

  4. Oh, so sorry to hear about your daughter, poor thing, I hope she feels better soon...thank goodness for Fridays, have a good weekend

  5. ((((hugs!)))) your poor daughter! i do not like the dentist either. whenever i go my blood pressure sky rockets...and i must have sweet air to get my teeth cleaned! lol
    so glad that she is feeling up to going to school, and the bun is lovely. what till she a asks you to make a "messy" bun! OMG!

  6. wow! I don't know how you do it, but you do and that's what makes you an amazing Mom!

    Get some rest this weekend.

    Christie :-)

  7. Hi there - WOW - that sure is a nasty week. No wonder you haven't had any time for stamping. Hoping that your daughter (and you) are having a much better week. Yep, agree with Mum's (MOM's) being the saving grace! What would we do if not for them on days like today??
    Beautiful daughter! I have 3 sons, so would LOVE for someone to ask me to 'do' their hair. LOL.
    Michelle (SBS10)


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