Meet Patches!

I've finally got some new pictures that I really like of ONE of our TWO new family members. How does this happen? LOL

He's a guinea pig and belongs to our oldest - she saved her money to get him. :) Not sure how old he is; but he's not even close to being full-grown. This was taken tonight just before Alyssa went to bed; she was feeding him from her hands (duh, like the picture doesn't show that???).

I have one more picture to share, but let's talk about the 'funny' side of Patches. I am so much like my mom - don't like mice, hamsters, spiders, guinea pigs, etc...but obviously I broke down on the guinea pig. He's very cute - but I have yet to hold him and the kids know I'm not interested in holding him.

Our middle child wanted one too. Yeah - whatever. So...she e-mails her Grammy and asks how much is in her savings account and then proceeds to ask her Grammy to send her the $$$. So Grammy does - for some reason, grandparents forget to consult the parents to make sure this is okay.

Fine...got the check, I snatched it up and that was that. DH has a close friend that said "I wish I would have known you were getting one, I can get ALL THAT STUFF at cost"; so DH says "find out how much another one would cost"...please note; here is the IMMEDIATE problem. The men are in charge of this conversation.

Kaitlyn asks daddy a few times about the guinea pig and what the cost is, etc. So, we're driving to football practice for our youngest one night and DH calls. He says "how much did you want that guinea pig to cost?" I'm like huh? So he says it again and this sinking feeling takes place...oh yeah - we already have a 2nd guinea pig on the way to us.

We have no idea if it's a boy or a girl; we have no idea what size it is, we have no idea 'what' comes with it (cage, bedding, hiding/sleeping place, feeding bowl, water bottle.....).

So...are you getting the idea that momma here isn't too thrilled? Well...the guinea pig arrived, it's full grown AND A GIRL to boot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No, we ARE NOT having babies - trust me on this!

Ah...never leave the men in charge of these things - ha ha! I'll get some pictures of the new girl in our life (she's huge compared to Patches) and share more pictures soon.

For now...here's one more of Patches. Thanks for stopping by; have a great week. Hugs, ~M.

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