"Smooshing Roses"

I love visiting blogs and getting stamping ideas! This one is called "smooshing" and I think it makes the roses appear more realistic - what do you think? I learned the technique from Emily (click HERE). I made this for a friend's grandmother; her middle name is Rose; hence the reasoning behind the card!

The base of the card is SU Marigold, layered with SU Apricot Appeal, layered with Whisper White. The roses are made using the Marigold, Apricot Appeal and Pumpkin Pie. The leaves are done with True Thyme, stamped off 2 times before applying. I don't normally work with these colors so tell me what you think? I'm very pleased with the way it turned out and I hope her grandmother loves it!

Hope you have a splendid weekend. Our oldest, age 11, leaves to a big trip to Atlanta, GA this weekend, she'll be traveling with my mom. She's very nervous...and particularly nervous about passing through the metal detector and such. She was going on and on last night about the metal on her DVD player, her gameboy, etc., I finally realized she was a bit panicked, so I stopped and explained that only SHE would walk through the metal detector, her luggage and such would pass through a "x-ray" machine (best explanation for a young lady I thought). She was quiet for a bit and then asked "Will my shorts make the metal detector go off (you know, the metal button)... :) I smiled and explained no, they wouldn't. She's really nervous, I can't blame her, I don't like to fly, they know that - but they also know I will fly, so hopefully she'll do great. They have many things to see and do while in Atlanta so I'm delighted for this opportunity for her. She's saved her money for over a year so she's well prepared!

Take care and thanks for peeking in! ~M.

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