Liz - our oldest's blessing

This is Liz - isn't she adorable? She's a black lab, 4.5 years old; but very, very sick. My DH and our oldest went to see her at the vet's office this morning - they left at 6:45 a.m.; she's been there for almost 1 week, she hasn't eaten for 11 days and if not for the fluids they were giving her, we would have lost her long ago!!!
If you click on the picture, you can probably see that the white part of her eyes are now yellow. The inside of her ears are yellow....all signs that her liver is shutting down. After all the tests have been run; they believe she has the worst case of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever possible - it's destroying her liver.
She has lots of swelling in her back legs and her stomach is horribly distended just past her ribs; but thankfully you can't see most of that in this picture. They thought they had gotten a picture of our oldest with her, but it didn't come out on the camera, so not sure what happened.
There is one antibiotic that works well against this disease; however, it is only made orally and since Liz can't keep anything down, she can't take the antibiotic. :(
Last night when I visited with our daughter about Liz's condition, she talked about the dog-walking business she had started and how she started it all because of Liz. Now mind you, she typed the flyers herself, walked around the neighborhood handing them out, hasn't had a single client; but I'm SO STINKING PROUD OF HER; what a thing for an 11 yr. old to do!
Today is Yappy Days - a big day for dogs, all kinds of stuff going on; but our DD doesn't have the heart to go and that's okay. It only makes her sad.
Will we get to keep Liz? We don't know; the vet is still very guarded and by looking at her the answer looks as if it's no. But that's okay, we believe in miracles, but more than that, we believe in prayer; so we'll leave it with God, because he knows the plans he has for us...and our delightful animal friends!!
I hope to have some new cards posted this weekend; I have lots to get done! Thanks for stopping by!! ~M.

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  1. Allysa,
    I am very sorry that you have to put her to sleep. I lost my dog 2 years ago and it is still hard to think about. I am sure lizzy knows how much you love her. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
    Love Amanda


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