Twins Birthday Party

Our oldest daughter is attending a double birthday party today - TWINS! She didn't want to make 2 different cards; she wanted to make 1 - so this is what we came up with. She helped with everything, from picking the papers to the colors to the flower to the cut out images (notice one shoe of each color, one handbag of each color - LOL); but it's very cute IRL! It's a slumber party with a scavenger hunt included - what more could a girl ask for? Hope they have a great time.
Nothing fancy on the card; just lots of stamping, coloring and cutting! I did distress the hot pink cardstock...which our daughter couldn't quite understand why I was doing that, she said "you're tearing it up". :)
Hope you have a fantastic weekend. Thanks for peeking in!! ~M.

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  1. Found your blog listed at Gina K. decided to pop on over and check you out. Totally adorable cards!
    Wish you could come over and stamp with me! Subscribing!
    Leslie Springer


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