What have YOU been up to?

Ah...today is Monday and normally I would be at work. BUT I took today off to 'deep clean' the house; urgh...doesn't that make you gasp! Alas, I even had a partner to work with me on this 'deep cleaning' business but fortunately her daughter got sick. Uh wait...I mean UNFORTUNATELY her daughter got sick - fortunately for me - I threw that dumb idea of deep cleaning out the window and headed downstairs to play!
I did two of these cards; just alike...well...no two cards are ever alike, but you get the idea!

The saying I printed from my computer; everything else is by Stampin' Up. You can't really see, but the background ivory paper has these soft dots of Blush Blossom and the edges of the large floral piece have been sponged with Blush Blossom.

I love when I have an idea and it comes together quickly!

I've made several other things too; but those must wait...for now, DH and I are headed to the eye doctor. I've worn glasses/contacts FOREVER, but now that he's over 40; he can't see. tee hee OK, I know it's not funny; and he has to have great vision for the work he does, but I get tickled when he needs to take a splinter out of one of our babes feet and he says "let me borrow your glasses, I can't see"...so he'll try my glasses, he still can't see, then he'll try our oldest daughter's glasses...still can't see; so mom (that's me); gets called in to assist in the small procedure. :) We'll all be fixed up soon though!
Thanks for stopping by to have a peek; have a great week and watch for some new things to be added to the blog soon!

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  1. I saw this in your gallery on SCS...and really loved it! Just thought I'd post that message again to you blog!


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