KU Good Luck Card

My boss at work is moving on to another opportunity so I made a Good Luck tri-fold card. The inside actually has a pocket with movie gift certificates. His favorite past time is going to the movies - so it was an easy gift. He's also a KU grad; hence the colors.

I've had the idea for the card rolling around in my head all day - finally got a chance to put it together tonight. The red border on the white card stock is hand-drawn - just doodling...I've seen so many people try it, thought I'd see how it goes. LOL! The ribbon is threaded through the back of the card and wraps around to tie in the front.

I have a great working relationship with my boss - and we joke alot, but I always know where I stand. Trust me, he dishes just as much back to me; so on the back of the envelope flap, I used my ornery stamp, it says:

"This card was made by hand. If you throw it away those same hands will make a doll in your image and stick pins in its butt."

Thanks for looking; have a great night!

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