Nuttin' Crafty...

cuz I am STILL sicker than a dog.


I called the doctor today - I'm 7 1/2 days into my antibiotic and breathing treatments, but again, I'm still very, very sick. They are calling in a new antibiotic and steroids for me - I'm so praying I get better soon - we're scheduled to leave on a jet plane Wednesday evening, the LAST thing I want is to be sick! :(

Some of my super-dee-duper lovebugs (a/k/a Ladybugs) sent me a surprise today - talk about knowing how to brighten up a girl's world! I love these girls so much; they are just so very special to me!

Aren't they gorgeous?

Next up - dead animals - I warned you!  :D

My sweet hubby and adorable son are hunting in Texas right now - Jared shot a turkey Saturday and Sunday (yes, it's legal, he can shoot up to 4); here they are:

The first one was big bodied - about 21-22 lbs. but it's beard was only about 7" long.

This one had a smaller body - about 20 lbs., but it's beard was much longer - 11" long!  W@@T, W@@T - the kid is having a ball! They are now off to a new ranch to hunt Nilgai.

Hubby calls this turkey 1 and turkey 2 (turkey 2 being our son) - HA!

I hope to return next week with something crafty and a much healthier me!!



  1. Aww Michele, I hope you feel better soon sweetie. No fun going on vacay while you're sick :(

  2. oh i hope you feel lots better soon.... here is a great big Yorkshire hug! (((((( xxx ))))))
    Not sure about those turkeys lol
    Lisa x

  3. Not sure about the turkeys but hope you feel better soon xx

  4. I hope you feel better soon!

  5. Sending hugs MP. And I am with Lisa, not sure about the Turkeys! P x

  6. Hang in there sweetie! I will pray these new meds work so you are feeling better by Wed!

    I can't get believe how big your "little" man is getting! He has grown up so much! Looks like Thanksgiving is all wrapped up!!

  7. Really hope you start to feel better soon especially ready for your vacation. Wow those turkeys are huge....
    Big hugs Sally xxx

  8. Feel better soon sweetie - hope you are well enough to get on that plane xx

  9. So when do you want us round for dinner MP???? I LOVE stuffing and cranberry sauce with my turkey ;-D Hope the steroids to the trick...have a fab time on your hollybanks xx

  10. Big Turkeys Michele.....have a nice holiday


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