Ladybug Crafts Ink - NEW RELEASE

Oh, let the fun begin! Lots of previews every single day on the TLT challenge blog - hope you'll check it out and join fun - daily prizes, W@@T, W@@T!!

A bit on the personal side (which I try to keep to a minimum - unless it's really fun stuff related to the kids - HA): you might (or might not) remember I got sick January 20 and finally went to see the doctor on February 20 (I no longer work close to my doctor's office and it's literally a 1/2 day event to get there and back) but I was on vacation February 20 so I made sure to go. I was treated for bronchitis and a sinus infection receiving a shot, a steroid inhaler and an antibiotic. Took awhile, but I did get better.

Fast forward a week after I finished the antibiotics and 2 co-workers got sick with coughs/colds - whatever. I have reactive airway disease so the least little exposure to their germs sent my bronchial airways into a massive tailspin. I spent the ENTIRE weekend in bed; literally not able to do a thing! Went back to the doctor today... pneumonia!  :(

I'm now on breathing treatments every 4 hours, a new/stronger antibiotic, the steroid inhaler...and I think that's it. The doctor said I was gasping for air when she entered the exam room today - I knew I was bad.

BUT I'm happy to report, I've had 2 breathing treatments, 2 doses of antibiotics and I "think" I might be turning the corner - sure hope so; I have't even ENTERED my craft room in 2 weeks.

Crafting is good for my soul and makes me happy - here's to hoping I'm truly on the mend! And if you're a praying person, or in to sending positive thoughts; I REALLY need them.

Thanks friends!!

Now after that little "Debbie Downer", don't forget the fun stuff over on the Challenge Blog - LOTS of new images!!



  1. Hope u feel better soon hun......

  2. You sure have been through the mill Michele but glad to hear you are beginning to turn a corner, onwards and upwards mrs!!

  3. Oh Michele, you poor, poor thing. I really hope that the new treatment will do its job and return you to 100% health. Thinking of you and sending lots of hugs. Pami x

  4. Oh my goodness - that's awful! I hope you are really going to get well this time. And STAY well! And can get into your stamping room!! Take care, my friend.


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