Vegas & Nascar TONS of pictures

Many people thought we'd be doing gambling while in Vegas - nope; never spent a dime gambling!  BUT we did spend some money to go to the races; I LOVE NASCAR and Tony Stewart is my favorite driver.  Hubby likes Jeff Gorden, our youngest daughter likes Kasey Kahne, our son likes Carl Edwards and our oldest, a teenager, thinks we're all rednecks.  HA!

Carl won the race - yeah for our son and Tony took 2nd - yeah for me!!  We had such a great time.

I took lots of pictures and a few times was close enough to reach out and touch the drivers...I didn't, although I'm sure my hubby was concerned I might!  I did holler, not too loudly, at one of the drivers we saw in the mall Saturday night so he would look up and I could take his picture (Joey Lagano)! LMBO

When I looked up, I couldn't find hubby; oh yeah, he was AT LEAST 30 paces ahead of me, so embarrassed that I had done that.!! Yeah - WHATEVER!

My BFF loves Bobby Labonte, she has always loved him. While we were in the Neon Garage (amazing experience) Friday, we found Bobby's garage area and I took lots of pictures - unfortunately, I never could get his face, but you can certainly tell it was him.

Yes, I walked RIGHT BY Kid Rock - he flashed me the peace sign when I recognized him, but I couldn't snap my picture that fast...bummer!

Most of the car pictures were when they were coming into the pits from practice and/or qualifying; I had to snap the picture quickly and it was tough to always time it 'just right'...not to mention I don't have a fancy camera, just point and click. :D

Anyway, a fun, fun, fun time!

I have more Vegas pictures which I'll share soon. Thanks for stopping by; hope you've enjoyed sharing our journey to Vegas!!
AJ Allmendinger
My Driver - Smoke
Carl b4 qualifying
Our Son's Fave Driver-Carl Edwards
Returning from Qualifying
Denny Hamlin
Jack Rousch-Owner
Jeff Groden
Hat Change-Jeff Gordon
JG returning from practice
Headed out to qualify
Inside Neon Garage
Jamie McMurray
Joey Lagana @ the Mall
Kyle Busch-Practice
Kid Rock
Kasey Kahne-our youngest daughter's fave
Kurt Busch-headed to qualify
Rocketman's Trailer AFTER the race
Tony's car @ the hospitality tent
JG coming in; TS in the background qualifying
Tony returning from practice
Tony qualifying at 180 MPH
Tony headed to Neon Garage
Tony just exiting his hauler
Trevor Bayne-youngest Daytona winner EVER!
Vegas Chick
Vegas Chicks @ Track

Hugs, ~M.

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