Big Game Hunter!

This is the first time our youngest daughter has gone hunting with her dad. DH took the 2 youngest to Texas to hunt deer over Thanksgiving break, our oldest is in OK with my parents - let's face it, they're all getting spoiled and I'm left home alone - PRAISE THE GOOD LORD!!!! :D

HA - I never get alone time so I'm really going to treasure it!

This is a really bad picture as I transferred it from my cell phone, but that's okay; shows a happy looking girl with her deer!

Our son missed a monster buck - the guy they are staying with has been seeing this buck on a regular basis. You could tell our son was nervous - he missed the buck 5 times. Poor guy. That's okay, they have the rest of today and all day tomorrow to find him; I pray they do. Our little man will be beside himself!!!

I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving; hope to see you again soon, thanks for visiting! Hugs, ~M.

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  1. Very cool! You go girl! I hope you son get one too...that would probably be hard if sis got one and he didn't.

    Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving! Enjoy that QT!


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