I am the QUEEN of P!!!

How do you like THAT title? LOL

Our babes finished school yesterday, Thursday, and I have officially determined I am the queen of procrastination! Free Smiley Courtesy of www.millan.net

These are the gifts I made for the teachers of our youngest kids (2nd & 4th grade). I found these boxes at the Dollar Tree and painted them white; the decorations are rub-ons from Stampin' Up! and the buttons are from Papertreyink.

The boxes were filled with 12 Hibiscus Burst Thank You cards (thought those would come in handy for all the thank you notes they write at the end of the school year), a beaded pen (didn't get a picture of the pens) and two candy bars. YUM!! When I had lunch with our son, he's teacher said she ate one of the candy bars right away. LOL - my kinda chick!!

I thought about doing ribbon around the handles - decided not to. I thought about adding more details to the cards - decided not to. I thought about putting rub-ons or buttons on the handles - decided not to. I mean it was so late getting everything done I decided it was "OK" to not make them perfect in my eyes.

I just hope the teachers liked them. I also had a secret pal this year, I'll post her gift later this weekend.

We have a double-header baseball game tomorrow morning, then we're free the rest of the weekend. I hope to get some extra rest!!

Thanks for popping in, I really appreciate you visiting! Hugs, ~M.


  1. Very creative...I love them! Love the title LOL! BTW thanks for the tips on the ITOO!

  2. Lovey love them all!! Your teachers will love them too.

  3. Too cool! Your blog is so fun. I just subscribed to it on feedblitz.


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