And the answer is...

Many of you guessed it - SUCKERS...54 suckers...whose the sucker here? LOL

Our oldest is in middle school - no more Valentine parties for her, but our two younger ones LOVE Valentine's Day. I think it's all those treats they get!

One bucket has 21 suckers; the other has 26; two went to my secret teacher pal and the rest are in the fridge ready to be eaten. The children so enjoyed helping me make these. The suckers are big; 1 1/2 hearts per sucker. As you can see we have bright pink, cream, red and light pink - we loved mixing and matching the colors.

This is Kaitlyn with her bucket - how about that cheesy grin? :)

And here's Jared (notice, NO cheesy grin on him).

Their teachers got to keep the little buckets; we also got them a magnetic memo pad and of course they got one of our homemade suckers!!

We hope your Valentine's Day is extra special!

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Hugs, ~M.


  1. Wow you guys were busy! These look great! Your kids are so cute!

  2. WOW I got the number right Thats cool. Cute Idea for school I helped my friend last night do gifts for her kids teacher and of corse we forgot the picture

  3. I certainly remember those days when my 4 were younger and had to have Valentines' treats to bring in! I don't know how I did what I did back then! lol
    Your treats are just so adorable. I'm sure that they brought big smiles to all who received them!

  4. what a great idea---think i might try to do these next year with my kiddos!


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