Scor-Pal Gift Bags & Note Cards

Greetings friends; how is everyone doing? We're doing great - its been a fabulous...and fast...weekend!

Our son played football Saturday and I worked the concession stand; unfortunately that means I missed the 3 passes he caught (and anything else he did). He's only 8 yrs. old, so those catches are a B-I-G D-E-A-L!!! He caught 1 for a touchdown, 1 for an extra point and another 1 for yardage. My jaw was at the ground when he told me, I had no idea! Glad DH was there to see all the great action! SmileyCentral.com

Today (Sunday), he played baseball. We're playing fall ball until Halloween so every Sunday we have a game. We're now doing kid-pitch and this was the first game he pitched in. Each kid usually pitches 1 inning; it was lots of fun and he had a good time - that's all that matters!

K...enough of the personal stuff, let's move on to the fun stamping stuff I did this weekend. I found this delightful recipe from Paper Smiles (you can click on the link and see the instructions; she does a FABULOUS job of laying it out for you) making gift bags out of 6x6 paper. I've been known to hoard paper so what a great way to use it up! I made a total of 4 gift bags; I have one left to do, but instead of filling it with note cards, I'm going to fill it with candy and send it to school for my secret teacher pal!

This first picture shows the 3 bags which are all finished; I included 8 individual note cards with each bag; all 8 note cards are individually embossed; 4 with one color background the other 4 with another color background. Here's a close up of one of the bags and note cards so it makes a bit more sense.

I can't believe how easy these are to make; you can fill them with all kinds of things. These will DEFINITELY be upcoming gifts for all the girly b-day parties our two daughters are invited to - just think, you can fill it with candy, lip gloss, gift cards, make up, personalized cards, etc. The list is endless! But just think, these would be great made out of baseball, football, hockey or any other type paper for a boy. Fill it with trading cards, gift cards, a baseball, mini football, etc. They're not just for girls, that's for sure.

The note cards are 3x3 and I did not include envelopes due to the ribbon, it makes them rather thick; so I thought these would be great to include with a gift or stick in a lunchbox. What a treat for the recipient!

What do you think of that chocolate flower...YUM, YUM! Looks good enough to eat, don't you think? The flowers on the outside of the bags are by KSS, 3-step Hibiscus; they make such gorgeous flowers. The stems are by PTI and Verve - you can tell I did some mix and matching along the way.

The flowers are stamped on a long nestability rectangle with a long scalloped rectangle underneath. Just gives everything such a nice finished touch.

I hope you've enjoyed these gift bags; check them out at Paper Smiles (she has such great creations besides the gift bags) and try one yourself!

Our little ones are out of school tomorrow and I have taken a day of vacation - that day consists of 8 doctor's appointments - no joke - insanity, eh? Still, I'm glad you popped in; hope to see you again soon! Hugs, ~M.


  1. these gift bags are just adorable. the paper you used is beautiful. What a great project. thanks for the link for instructions. i'm always looking for something new to do! tfs

  2. Very cool bags. Super cute - I think the hardest part would be what yummy treat to put inside for the recipient!
    Have a great day
    Michelle SBS10

  3. Once again you "hit a home run" on the cute gift bags! I love them. BFF

  4. the bags are really pretty!
    I hope all the Dr.'s appts went well

  5. What a great idea! You always come up with the neatest things. Hey check out my blog post from tonight. Scrapbook Garden East is closing!


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