Black, Gold & White, Fight, Fight, Fight!

WOW; sounds like we're brutal eh? LOL

Our oldest had her first football game last week in which she cheered; what an exciting and emotional time for me. I had lunch with a dear friend a couple of weeks ago and she mentioned how she tears up when she sees her children doing something - I just laughed not getting it. OK, I admit...I get it! :D

There's something about seeing your oldest enter middle school, then to see them in a CHEER LEADING OUTFIT - oh my, my!!

Here are a few pictures; DO NOT TELL HER YOU'VE SEEN THESE - LOL; I'll tell you why after I show them to you!

The first picture is right before the game began, she's standing with her hands on her hips watching the football players; the second picture is the very first cheer they did; this is their FIRST YEAR to have uniforms; before they've always had shorts and t-shirts. So those uniforms are pretty darn exciting!

Of course, this is our first kid in middle school so EVERYTHING is new to us!

The 3rd picture is the 2nd cheer they did - notice how both girl's bangs are blowing in their eyes? What is it with growing out your bangs? They aren't allowed to use bobby pins or anything to hold them back - drives me INSANE!!! :D

OK, this next picture is why you cannot tell her you've seen these! Their 'boy briefs' for under their skirts did not come in, but no one told us this so they had to wear their gym shorts. Yep; those extra 3 inches below her skirt is her gym shorts. She was so embarrassed about that, but she handled it VERY well. If they don't have their briefs in this week, I'll go buy her some. COME ON PEOPLE; we want to look cute here! LOL I also caught her without her knowing I was there. This was at halftime, the girl needed a drink.

The last one is when I asked her to pose for me - you should have seen the initial poses she did - KIDS! Makes me laugh thinking about it.

I can't wait to see her cheer this week, what fun!!! And it won't be long and her bangs will be long enough to go into her ponytail and I'll be much happier...that and when those shorts are no longer sticking out! HA HA

Now a personal note; I purchased a new CD this week and before each song on the CD they have a quote. This one particular quote has stuck with me all week long and I want to share it with you. I consider it 'deep'; what do you think?

"When a pending pain is so big, there is an inner place that a soul will go to keep from breaking. A place where it sits and holds terribly still, an emotional coma that allows our heart a moment of Peace so that we can begin to heal. In this place we find a void, where there is no feeling, no up, no down, no sound, no taste."

I relate this "moment" to when the call came and my DH's dad had passed. We knew it was coming, but it was a pain so big our soul had to go somewhere to keep from breaking. We're approaching the 2 year mark of the loss of my DH's father; there are many days I think to myself "my husband no longer has a dad here on this earth" and it makes me cry. I'm sensitive, as my dad has been diagnosed with a type of cancer; not the same as DH's dad; but still, that C thing is very scary. Knowing my dad gets very sick after the treatments, knowing that as I age, he ages - all those things are just too much at times.

K, I'm off my personal kick; just a quote that really made me think deeply.

I hope you've had a great weekend. I'll have some new cards posted soon; I've been busy creating, but also very busy running kids here and there. I'm like a soccer mom on steroids. LOL

Hugs, ~M.


  1. Ah ha! You got emotional. Told ya! And you thought I was just silly...hee hee! :-)


  2. How cute! Notice in that first picture how the two girls behind A. are chatting and A. is watching the game. Good job Alyssa!!!!
    Love ya, BFF

  3. Hey steriod soccer mom! Just dropping in to say Hi! My DD is only 6 but whenever she does something with dance recitals or soccer, t-ball whatever I always get emotional!
    Love ya!


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