Happy Birthday to Me!

I love my birthday; every single year I start telling everyone its my birthday about a month ahead of time. :D Amazing I still love my birthday that much huh?

My current job and my past job did a great job of helping me celebrate 'in style'! I really didn't say much about my b-day this year - mainly b/c of the things going on with my dad; I was more concerned with his biopsies and results than my birthday. But my fabulous co-workers didn't let the day pass unnoticed; in fact, they made a big a$$ out of me. (Not really, but see 1st picture)!!

The donkey has an electric fan that keeps him inflated; he comes with party hats, a blindfold and lots of tails to try to pin onto his rump. This was purchased for another girl last year but rolled out again for my big day. There were lots of streamers and decorations; SO MUCH FOOD ... AND a covert party that had me laughing so hard!

See my large princess balloon? Cute eh?

Last year they took my picture and then superimposed my face on this little 7-8 yr. old girl and the page said "Happy Birthday Kiddo"; it was really hysterical. This year they never got a picture of me so they gave me this little boy screaming Happy Birthday (had they changed the hair to red and given him some blonde/orange eyebrows, it would have looked a lot like our son). Now the other picture is a girl with her lips all smooshed up for a kiss and she's got her hands in her hair; it's funny. The note says Happy Birthday also, BUT they added a little handwritten note that says "to the girl with great hair". My hair gets as much attention as work some days. I really do have fun hair - it's long, I can wear it curly (from a perm); hot rolled and big, or perfectly straight; it's fun; but even of more interest is all the conversation it generates - holy moly!! Anyway, that's the story behind the chick picture; several people asked if that was me in the picture. NO ITS NOT!

Here's a picture with all the food and that's only half of it! We had fruit, fabulous cheese dip and chips, veggies, crackers, spinach dip, peanut butter and chocolate wafers, cheesecake and pasta salad. All very, very yummy.

There was an "appointment" scheduled at 3 p.m., I accepted the appointment "tentatively" as I was nervous. They pulled some pretty good pranks on me last year so I wasn't sure I wanted to go to a meeting labeled as "Secret"!! I tried to go to the restroom and hide at 3 p.m., but dadgumit, as I was coming out my co-worker was right there and said "wait for me". Yeah, let me be a teenager and hang out in the bathroom while you tinkle. ROFLOL!!! BUT I waited and away we went, I was really nervous. Turns out they had a little covert operation on the 1st floor. I walk in, its all dark, I'm told to walk around the corner and there are ALL these candles (pretend) flickering, lots of co-workers using those hand clappers and shouting happy birthday. And there on the counter was like 10 Ben & Jerry's ice cream containers - OH YEAH BABY, YUMMY!!! It was just the funniest thing; what a great ending to a really fun day!!

This last picture is one of our executives in martini glasses; he enjoyed posing, but really enjoyed sneaking over to partake of my birthday food. HA!

By the time you read this, my birthday will have passed - it was Saturday. Our youngest had a ball tournament that started Friday night and we were supposed to play at 9:40 a.m. this morning, but due to rain, it's been pushed back 4 times; we're now scheduled to play at 3:10 p.m. So I'm feeling a little trapped in the house waiting to find out when we'd play. That's okay; nice day to just hang out!

Thanks for stopping by; I hope you enjoyed my virtual b-day party; the real thing was lots of fun!! Take care, ~M.


    Sounds like you had a great day.
    Birthday Whishes

    Trudi SBS10

  2. Happy Birthday, Michele. If I had known I would have sent you a birthday card!

  3. Happy Late Birthday! Sorry I was out of town otherwise I would've loved to have come by the office and celebrate with you guys!

    Looks like you had great fun!

  4. i hope you had a great birthday!!! did you get the card i sent?

  5. Happy Birthday! Sounds like a great place to work! I will keep your dad (and all of you) in my prayers for tomorrow. Hang in there!

  6. How awesome! I am just like you. I love love love my birthday and I also do the countdown about a month ahead. My family just shakes their heads at me.


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