Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?

It may not be Monday night football; but it still R-O-C-K-S at our house! Our son lives for football; he loves scoring touchdowns, loves to play - thus is makes it very fun for us to watch. His coach, Preston, calls them the "Thunder Rats" - I have no idea why and beyond creeping me out because it has the word "rats" in it, I think it's pretty funny!

Here's a picture of Jared, age 7, lined up as the 2nd running back in the I formation; blue shorts, hands on knees. So far his team is 3-0, not sure how may times Jared has scored; I know he has at least 2 touchdowns and 1 extra point...but sometimes I get to chatting and miss what's happening. Hmm...can THAT be so? :D

They won the first game 22 to 0, as we left the field Jared said "now that's football, winning 22 to 0"; I had to chuckle (to myself) and explained - they won't all be like that you know. Well, so far they've held all their opponents to 0!!!

I hope you're having a great weekend; thanks for peeking in! Up next - a Jayhawk card. Hey...did you see KU beat K-State this weekend? Ah, I don't care - I'm a Sooner and hubby is a Cornhusker, just thought I'd mention it!

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