Decorated Hat Box

Here is a hat box I made as one of my design items for our local scrapbook store, Scrap Fun*Attic; check them out; the girls there are delightful to work with. I always enjoy visiting!

I took these pictures late last night; hopefully you can see and understand the project. I did a front view which says "Live, Love, Laugh" and "friends"; I love the colors! A side view which shows the handle decorated with fabric ribbon (so delightful and rich) and then a back view which shows the handle even better.

I thought it was hard to do so I enlisted the help of my hubby for a few things, he's fantastic at measuring and 'making it work' - LOL!

It's been a rough week for many reasons, I'm glad the weekend is upon us and some rest is on the horizon. Tomorrow starts bright and early as I need to take my hubby to work in the morning, then I have an appt. at 9:00 a.m., but after that it's our own schedule - thank goodness!

Jared, our youngest, was stung by 3 wasps tonight; 1 on each leg and 1 on his NOSE; I could hear him screaming and knew it must be bad. With all his allergies, I'm most concerned with what his reaction will be so I gave him Benadryl immediately then put him into the bathtub with Aveeno Oatmeal bath to help soothe the pain. He's doing much better now; only one left a deep sting on him. :( He's resting comfortably. I went out to try to find the wasp's nest with no success - I saw 2 wasps, but couldn't find their home...but I will!!!

I hope you each have a restful weekend, thanks for peeking in! ~M.

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