Back to school...

All our little ones have returned to school...and the craziness has begun. Our youngest started football this past weekend, both girls will start volleyball this week. AND we've added a new member to our family - you'll have to check back to learn about it!

These pictures were taken the first morning of school - um, that would be the same morning the bus missed us and didn't get the kids picked up! Glad I stuck around to see how the morning went. LOL

Our oldest is in her last year of elementary school - but let me just say - those girls already have middle school attitudes!!! It's been a rough start, but we're still hopeful we'll have a great year!

Our middle one is in 3rd grade and LOVES school, particularly math. She didn't get that from her momma - trust me. THAT'S why God gave us calculators!!

And our last is entering 1st grade and delights my heart. How quickly we forget the important things in life like "what happens if I don't get all the words right on the spelling test?", "did she (meaning the teacher) REALLY say I had to write the words and show her I practiced?", or "if I do good on the test, will daddy and you buy me something?"....ah, the joys of a young, innocent babe!!

Here's hoping for a great year sweet babes!

Thanks for peeking in friends; have a marvelous week! ~M.

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  1. You kids are all so cute. I hope you have a GREAT school year. Hope to see you soon.


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