Anniversary Roses in Winter

This past weekend some very dear friends celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary! The husband was my principal in high school and LOVES to tell my children, if they ever get in trouble, just give him a call, he'll tell them lots of things about me - yeah, whatever, I was really a good kid...except for that one time. Hmmmm.....maybe I'll tell that story here in a bit.

Anyway, last year his lovely wife was diagnosed with lymphoma and suffered several strokes. Her test results lately have been very good and she's making such incredible progress. It was great to see them, they're such a delight to everyone - and I do mean everyone. There were a TON of people at the anniversary party.

They have 4 children and they have all turned out great with beautiful grandchildren!!! Of course, my hubby and I are in the middle of raising 3 kids wondering how you get them to 'turn out right'. LOL (anyone have any hints??)

OK, here's the card I made for them:

Do you like the colors? Yeah, you guessed it - more smooshing of the roses....I kinda like that technique, have you noticed?

The outside says "To Love and To Cherish"; the inside says "Happy Anniversary" in the same cursive lettering - I love that!

Of course, I got to the very end and found a mistake that I just couldn't cover up...so I had to use that dratted brad and flower! :(

OK, if you're still here, let's tell that little high school story! Each day at lunch, when you were old enough to drive, you could go home and back for lunch OR you could walk over to the quick stop a block away...but you could not drive anywhere else.

I returned from lunch one day with a cup of pop from the quick stop...but it wasn't the quick stop a block away - oops. My principal was standing at the end of the hall and saw my cup. Now let me back up and say my principal and his family lived right across the street from us and we did everything together. I played with their kids, we had fish fries, all kinds of things.

So....he pulls me aside and says something like "it makes it hard since I'm friends with your parents and you've obviously gone to a quick stop you weren't supposed to go to at lunch". My reply? A typical teenage response "well, don't be friends with my family". DID I REALLY SAY THAT? Yeah...I did. ROFL!!!

I love them dearly, I "think" I'm forgiven. We're greatly blessed to still have a friendship with their entire family. Great people, great friends!!!

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  1. LOL! What a great story and I love the anniversary card. Very elegant! Where did you find the cursive sentiment?


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