Blog Reading Level

Oh I think this is funny! The blog I found it on scored an elementary level, so she was doing those "elementary" type sentences - you know:

This is Dick. This is Jane. This is Spot. See Spot run. Run Dick and Jane. ROFLMBO - I just think it's so funny.

Well....I scored a bit higher...not much though.

blog readability test

Movie Reviews

I have some great posts but I'm still sick - 5 1/2 weeks later and I still feel HORRIBLE. Guess I'll break down and see the doctor today as next week we're taking a Spring Break vacation and I cannot stand to continue being sick. I'm to the point of tears I feel so bad...that's when you know I'm REALLY sick!

Hope each of you are feeling dandy; hope to see you again soon. Hugs, ~M.


Chrissy said...

Hope you feel better soon :-(

Lorraine said...

oh how funny. I checked this, I'm at High School Level too. feel like i never left...LOL!
Love the bunny cards too. Who are you going to give the size matters card too? LOL