Saturday was the Snowball Dance for the high school; Alyssa is a sophomore this year and was anxious to go again.

We found her a cute little dress and then had a dear friend do her hair (this same friend has been doing her hair for special events for the last 3 years - and nope, she's not even a hairstylist, but she does great work)!! I did her makeup.

And yes, we ALWAYS take these photos in the bathroom - LMBO!!

Here are some of the photos from the evening:
Taken with my phone, not the best quality...but my fave!!

Hair by our sweet friend; a loose french braid with lots of curl and volume, sweeping around her left shoulder.

Silly girls!

Checking to see who is taller; the younger one (Kaitlyn) wins.

Trying to be silly, but Alyssa looks great; Kaitlyn looks wigged out her sister is THIS close! Notice the height difference (brows); Alyssa is definitely a smidge shorter.

Hope your holidays are filled with lots of laughter and memories to last a lifetime!



  1. Beautiful pics Michele .. i bet you were so proud
    Lisa x

  2. Thanks for sharing the photos, Michele - how fun!

  3. They are both beautiful girls and I'm sure you're very proud of them!

  4. Stunning pics Michele, your daughter looks gorgeous! Hope she had a great time :-D

    Sue xx

  5. Well I hope hubby has his shotgun at the ready cuz I'm thinking he might ...no let me rephrase that...he's gonna need it! Holy smokes MP what gorgeous girls you've got :-D x


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