Sometimes the crazies come to my house...

See...a perfect picture of the crazies:

THAT large lump would be a blood clot in our 11 year old son's leg.

That's him facing me; he is sitting in a wheelchair, his left leg is in blue sweats and that's his right leg exposed AND THAT large lump is about a tennis ball size growth/blood clot on his leg; it is now totally black and blue and the bruising is down to his ankle. I am told he was literally screaming at school as the swelling just continued to increase.

They have determined it is not acute; we are praying that ice, elevation and Motrin around the clock help the body absorb the blood...if not...um, it'll be a trip to the emergency room.

He cannot walk on his leg for a couple of days; we don't want to risk dislodging the clot or causing it to bleed more.

And today (Monday morning) we have a follow-up doctor's appointment, anxious to hear what they say.

All that brings me to say the beautiful TLT ladies will be having a blog hop tomorrow but due to these unforeseen circumstances, I will not be participating. BUT I will be back on Wednesday with a *new* Ladybug Crafts Ink card.

So tomorrow morning, be sure to check out the hop HERE and then come back to visit, I do have a few things planned this week!

Hugs, ~M.


  1. OMG...sweetie!! Your poor son..hope it goes very soon & then your son will feel so much better!!
    hugs and xxx

  2. Michele, I feel so badly for your poor son. Have to say that looks pretty painful. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Hope everything improves soon.

  3. Thinking of you Michele... hope today went ok
    Lisa x

  4. Prayers, love, hugs and everything good! I see this and wonder how I ever made it through those years! Hope all is well, all is well.

  5. Hehehehe! Super cute and I love your saying!

  6. Hey honey, hope it goes away ASAP!!


  7. Keep us up on this, Michele! Be sure and let us know what the doctors say and do! We will be praying for you and your son both!


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