TLT - Oh Baby Tams Style

This week, the TLT gals are making creations related to "Oh Baby" and although I wasn't able to make a card, I thought I would show you a picture of one of my babies!  :D

This picture was taken the day of the league volleyball championship tournament, as I mentioned before; the 7th grade team went UNDEFEATED this year - such a fun time they had!

Even though I couldn't play along, I hope you will!

Be sure to check out the amazing creations over at the TLT challenge blog!!

On a totally personal note; after almost 20 years of marriage, I can NEVER sleep when my hubby leaves on a business trip; therefore I have spent the last 2 nights in sheer turmoil of no sleep - in fact, I was up at 4:30 a.m. today. UGH...makes me miserable and you KNOW life does not slow down while he's gone - we have play practice, Halloween parties, costumes to finish, an anniversary to celebrate, not to mention my everyday job, etc. OH MY! Here's hoping for some decent sleep soon! LOL



  1. Beautiful Photo Michele .. your daughter must make you so proud .. and she is lucky to have such a fabulous Mum!
    Hope you get some sleep soon
    Lisa x

  2. Yep - she still looks like her Mum!
    Gorgeous photo Michele and I hope you get some sleep soon!,
    Laurie xx

  3. She's as beautiful as you MP! I don't have any problem not sleeping when hubby isn't there...in fact I LOVE it lol!!! No snoring and I have the whole bed to myself :-D xx ps if you're up at 4:30 tomorrow just give me a call...it's 10:30 here! xx

  4. She is just beautiful Michelle! takes after her mother obviously!

    I know whatyou mean about not sleeping without your partner - I am the same but unfortunately I'm the one normally away from home so I'm nightmare trying to operate workwise!!

  5. She is definitely the spit of her Mum Michele, a real superstar too. I am the same as you, can't sleep with my better half. But hopefully all that stuff you have to get done will tire you out lol.

  6. Gorgeous photo MP! I hope you manage to get some sleep tonight!! I love having the bed to myself so I am so not like you! P x

  7. Oh my goodness Mary P! What a likeness there is,your girlie is a chip off the old block that's for sure! Put a pillow on your mans side of the bed,it works for me....eventually. x

  8. Aww, Michele, she's gorgeous and I know you are so proud of her. I hope you get some sleep soon sweetie!


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