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I made this card MONTHS ago but never posted it...not sure why?? The butterfly is 3D; hard to see all the details in this picture, but it's so pretty, IMHO! The butterfly is stamped once on the white card stock; then stamped again on pink DP; then finally stamped on acetate, cut out and adhered with glue dots. You can bend each layer up just a bit so the wings are all separate - I just love that!

And here is the complete card; bright and colorful, don't you think?

Well, I have another slide show to share - this one is pretty focused on our son as he was the ring bearer in the wedding.

Doesn't something ALWAYS go 'wrong' at a wedding? I know we had a small snafu at our wedding, but nothing major. At this wedding (DH's niece), they played the wedding march BEFORE the attendants had walked down the aisle. All action stopped as everyone quickly realized it wasn't time for the wedding march! :D It all worked out fine though.

In one picture, you'll see the lady playing the keyboard and then the lady next to her playing the violin is the bride's grandmother - isn't that amazing?

There's a picture of 2 of my favorite men - love those boys!! Our middle child - Kaity-bug - makes instant friends and I have a few shots of her and her newest best bud.

Our son's bow tie just CRACKS ME UP; I was thinking a bow tie like you have with a tux, but nope, it was hand sewn and reminds me of a country & western bow tie with the long ends...you'll know exactly what I'm talking about when you see it! Trust me on this!!

Oh and I can't forget this part. The day of the wedding our son said the flower girl kept following him around, he came up and whispered in my ear "I think she loves me". I laughed and said that's okay, she only gets to love you for one day and then we're outta here! LOL

The morning of the wedding our youngest ones went horseback riding with DH's oldest brother. I do have ONE picture of our oldest - she's doing the "typical" teenage look - you'll recognize that too! Thanks for stopping by! Hugs, ~M.

WEDDING PICTURES (including rehearsal, day of wedding, and the day we left Montana):

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