40 Announcements?

Wanna see what 40 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" baby announcements look like?

I cut out where the baby's name appears; but can you see those girls? Ah....they are SO STINKIN' CUTE!!!

It's hard to tell much about the announcements, but I'll give you a description so that will help with colors and images maybe. The print was done on my computer on to plain vellum which is tied on to the actual announcement. The pictures are adhered with removable adhesive so when someone receives the announcement, they can remove the pictures, rub off the adhesive and voila, they have their very own wallet photos of these cutie pies!!

The pictures are layered on Heidi Grace DP; layered on Certainly Celery and finally layered onto Pixie Pink. The vellum also has a matching 'rub-on' in the lower left-hand corner. I love the way they turned out and really didn't take too long to do once I got an assembly line going.

Here's a close-up of the announcements:

One picture has the baby laying on her older sister; the other picture is just the baby; isn't it cool how they lay towards each other? I love that!

I had a great time doing these and I hope the girls will treasure them one day and I hope those receiving the announcements enjoy their very own removable wallet photos.

Have a great week and thanks for peeking in!!



  1. Of course they'll treasure them! They're stunning! You're just so talented (and 40 -- wow! way to go sistah!!!)
    -Alyssa, SBS10

  2. WOW, They are going to love it!! You did an awesome job.

  3. Awesome announcements. What a beautiful keepsake. Lisa SBS10

  4. Great job. They will totally treasure them forever. Dang, that is a lot of work.
    Rochelle SBS10

  5. they are adorable!! >"<

  6. Honestly lady, I don't know where you get the time! They are adorable. Sooo precious. What a fantastic memory you've created for the family.

    Christie :-)

  7. What an awesome job you did! That is such a fun way to announce your baby and make sure every one gets a picture!

    In response to your question; Allison's stitches were in her vagina, she busted it all open. It was the most horrific thing ever. She is all better now and doesn't remember anything after we got to the hospital because of the sedative. It would have been way to tragic for her to remember.

  8. Wow you did a great job on these. 40 of them, that must of taken some time, I am sure they are going to love them!!


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