With Sympathy

My dearest friend lost her father last week; he was 92 years old. Doesn't matter how old they are, the loss still hurts deeply. Her father suffered from Alzheimer's, so it's been a long time since his been 'dad'; but she visited him regularly, chatted and sang to him - whether he remembered her or not. Alzheimer robs so much life from so many; but I know his family still cherishes the time God gave him upon this earth.

His funeral was a true celebration of his life; singing his favorite songs, train whistles blowing (he LOVED trains) and many of his children either speaking or wrote something to be read during the service. Still...the loss is deep and hurts forever!

I made this card for my dear, dear friend. Her dad loved bright colors...so I made a bright card! The white card is on Lovely Lilac paper and I added some 'bling' to the center of each flower. The flowers on the left-hand side going vertical are actually the envelope - I thought the flowers matched up pretty nice.

Thanks for peeking in; I hope you have a great week. And don't forget to say "I love you" to all those that are important in your life...life is much too short! ~M.

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  1. very pretty card for a life well lived. And so true to enjoy the people around you while you can!


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