Update on Lizzie

4:45 p.m. update: Our dear daughter chose to be present as Lizzie was put to rest; she was able to spend time with her prior and brushed her and loved on her. She brought Lizzie's collar home and hasn't put it down yet. The tears come quick, but she's a strong, strong girl. Dad and her buried Lizzie in a very special place. They also found some pictures of Lizzie when she was a puppy, some of our daughter holding her, etc. They are VERY cute!!! Our daughter was in 1st grade when we got Lizzie as a puppy; they've grown up together...almost!

Anyway, the worst of today is over; although the pain will linger for quite some time. Thanks for sharing through our difficult time!

Click here for the original post....Lizzie is now bleeding internally; there is nothing else the vet or we can do to save this young lab's life. Our oldest daughter said last night her heart is breaking in half - I'm certain it feels that way. My DH will pick our daughter up today after school and they will visit Liz before she's put to rest. Our oldest has asked if we can bury her in our yard; she wants her as close as possible. Ah.....the tears come so quickly; we're so attached to our furry friends.

Anyway, thank you for your prayers!

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  1. You guys hang in there! I am praying for your family! Makes me tear up thinking of your little one so sad. Take Care!


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