The REST of Vegas

Other pictures from the trip can be found HERE and HERE.

I was fascinated by the things we saw on the strip - particularly the live statues (is that an oxymoron?)  The Michael Jackson impersonator got rather annoyed with me; I was taking pictures but wouldn't get "in" the picture with him AND I didn't give him money, so he was annoyed.  I actually did end up giving him some money, but the Hubster said he commented on the amount I gave...WHATEVER, I wasn't there to see him anyone (but he was spectacular - HA)!

I have added captions below the pictures; hope this helps.  Enjoy my last walk down memory lane of Vegas!  Have a great week; hugs, ~M.
Excalibur - across the street from where we stayed - beautiful at night!

Um, no clue what he is; I had a GREAT picture of her Thurs. He wouldn't stand still, so really hard to get a good picture.  Look at his platform shoes!  LOL

Gold and Silver - as seen on TV Pawn Stars

Gold statue & dog getting set up (his trash can says "turn me on"

Gold Man and Dog

THIS was the MOST AMAZING live statue - he could stand PERFECTLY STILL for the longest time ever!!!

Motorcycle coming out of Harley Davidson Cafe

Joker - his crown twinkled; he was pretty cool too.

Yep; Michael Jackson is annoyed with me!

No money?  No pictures!  LMBO!

Statue of Liberty at New York New York (where we stayed)

The Bellagio - most amazing fountain show EVER!

Statue - little boy getting ready to climb up

Another little boy climbing up; statue helping him

In his "trance"

That's it friends; thanks for stopping by!!


Lisa Jane said...

wow fabulous photos Michele .. put my sheep to shame lol
Lisa x

Anita said...

Thanks for sharing your pics Michele. Makes me ready to go back lol! And the Bellagio water show ... one of my fave attractions in LV ... I LOVE it!

Heartwarmers from Vicki said...

Fun pictures. We stayed at the Excalibur and went to the "show" they did there. Lots of free fun in Vegas too.