Spooky Sweets!

Yum, this little pillow box is filled with some "Spooky Sweets". At the grade school that our youngest two attend, they have secret pals for the teachers - what a GREAT idea! This is my first year to participate and I"m very excited. This was the first gift I made for my secret pal and I delivered it along with a Diet Coke (the teacher's favorite drink).

The funny part? I don't know the teacher I'm assigned to, but I know her husband pretty well. Hmm...that sounds bad doesn't it? Well, he's been a big encouragement and fan of our middle one playing basketball. When our DD injured her knee last year he was asking about her, always encouraging her when she plays and he's just a great guy. Anyway, when I went to the school to drop the gifts off, I had trouble getting in the door - you know, security and all. Well, when I finally got in, there was a teacher walking by and she went straight into the office...I was right behind her. I asked the secretary "who was that"...yep, you guessed it, it was my secret pal! So if she noticed what I had in my hands, I won't be a secret to her anymore. LOL

I added some clear glitter to my pumpkin's eyes and mouth to add some fun.

Next I have a picture of one of our DD's showing love to her guinea pig, Patches. And last is a slideshow of our oldest daughter's last football game. It started out pretty warm, but once the sun went behind the stands, it got mighty cold. You can see a picture of her changing into her long sleeve shirt and then someone helping her put her uniform top back on - it made me chuckle. She's normally extremely modest, so seeing her change just below the fence made me chuckle.

And one more thing...on my soap box here...our oldest, the cheerleader, just cut her hair (pix in previous post); anyway, they STILL make her put it up in pigtails. It makes me so mad; her hairstyle is so very cute, I was hoping we wouldn't have to do the pigtails but it's a requirement. URGH! :(

Oh well...she's still a cutie patootie (thank goodness she doesn't read my blog, she wouldn't like being called that)!

Have a great week and thanks for popping in! Hugs, ~M.


  1. I love the treat box! You do such great work! What a cute little cheerleader you have!

  2. What a great treat box---just adorable! Great pics of the kiddos too! (My 12 yo doesnt like being called a cutie either but i still do--behind her back! Cause they are!)

  3. What a lovely pillow box...did you make it yourself? The whole package is really beautiful!

  4. Hi...thanks for dropping by at my blog and answered my question. It's really nice and a great idea for kids goodie bag, favors, etc. :)

  5. Michele, what a neat box, and your daughter is a real sweetie! :-)

  6. what an adorable secret gift to give to a teacher. I'm sure that she loved it!


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