B4 & After - Glamour Girls

I promised some before and after pictures of the girls and their haircuts - so here we go. First one up is our middle daughter; she decided to take a shower 20 minutes b4 it was time to leave for the appt., so she went with wet hair which was just fine. We evened hers out, cut a little bit of length off and gave her some long layers. You can't tell when her hair is wet; but in the "after" picture you can really see those curls on the right side (looking at her) of her hair.
She loves parting her bangs to the side (mind you, it doesn't matter if the part is straight or not - LOL); but she has a strong cowlick in the front, like me, so it makes keeping those bangs over there a challenge, but she's young, she doesn't care if her bangs are in her eyes. LOL Might drive momma insane; but hey, that's the least of her worries.

Next is our oldest; she really went for a change cutting her long hair to medium length, adding some layers and blending her bangs into her hair. Its meant to be a 'shaggy' style although it isn't as shaggy as the pictures we took in, but she loves it and that's all that matters!

See how long her hair was? WOW; just about as long as mine - I think mine is about 3-4 inches longer than hers; I cut 2 inches off, she cut 4 or 5 off. She can wear it down as the first picture shows, or behind her ears - cute either way. And then there is a side shot. She loved posing with her new "do"!!

Thanks for peeking in; I'll be back later this week with those Halloween invitations and maybe a few more creations!

Have a GREAT week! Hugs, ~M.


  1. What beautiful, beautiful girls!! Thanks for sharing these pics - they really both look stunning!

  2. The girls look great with their new do's !


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