Monogrammed Note Cards

Finally...here they are!

I arrived home from work about 7 p.m. all excited about working out and then getting my post up on my blog. Darn TV isn't working so I had to scrap the work out. :( I'll see if DH can get it working when he's done mowing the lawn.

Two very dear friends had b-day's recently - I might wish them happy birthday on their special day, but I NEVER deliver a gift on their b-day. Uh...I think we call it procrastination!?! :D Hope they love me anyway. Let's get to it as I have sooo many pictures to show you!

I gain so much inspiration from Emily Giovanni, she's an amazing stamper; very creative. Hence the idea for the note cards using the DIY JustRite Stamper. This uses the Damask stamping set; such adorable borders!

I made a total of 8 note cards; these yummy chocolate ones and then some burgundy/red ones.

I love both sets; such a variety in colors and images of the paper.

I used the same Damask JustRite stamper for both sets of note cards; packaged them up and we're set. They were super fun to make and really quick - I whipped all 8 out in one night (pretty good for me...sometimes my stamping takes hours - depends how many interruptions I get from our 3 little ones! LOL)

Next are more monogrammed note cards for another friend and a jumbo paper clip bookmark; first time I've made one of those!

Talk about totally different monogrammed cards eh? I made these vertical rather than horizontal and used the Curlz font with the fun borders from JustRite stampers. My favorite part about these note cards? See that beautiful floral paper on top of that scrumptious Sweet Blush card stock from Papertreyink? Well that paper is SELF-ADHESIVE - no joke; I about died when I figured that out!!! Just cut to the size you need; peel off the backing and voila it's ready to layer onto your card stock. How C@@L is that???

I tend to be a bit of a paper hoarder; kinda sorta...maybe! I bought this pad of paper ages ago - who knows where. I remember it saying self-adhesive, but hey, I said I hoard the stuff, not use it! I wanted these cards to be totally different so I was flipping through paper packs and really liked this paper with the Sweet Blush card stock. And let me tell you, that Sweet Blush card stock? It's like buh-tah; it cuts so nicely, scores so nicely - LOVE IT!!! Too bad I waited so long to buy some. Means I need to buy some more of their paper; lots of new colors to choose from!

I've had these jumbo clips for awhile too...hmmm...guess I hoard a lot huh?

I made the flowers using a Sizzix flower die; used a SU punch for some of the smaller flowers, a prima and a neon green brad. One side of the jumbo clip is the floral patterned paper, the other is Sweet Blush.
I used some Sweet Blush twill ribbon to tie them off. I really like the way they turned out; can't wait to make some more. You can see how to make them over at SCS; check it out!

OK, that's it for today; hope you've enjoyed all these new creations. And thanks for popping in! Hugs, ~M.


  1. I LOVE THEM!!!! I want some.

    Love ya,

  2. I knew you would be getting these little stamps! LOL! I saw them not too long ago and thought they were pretty neat. Monogram stuff seems to be all the rage right now. You did a fab job as usual!

  3. how can anyone not LOVE the Just Rite Monogram sets? They are so easy to use and you did a great job showcasing them! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. How stinking cute are these??? I love the light pink and green ones! So sweet!


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