Happy Birthday from Chris!

Look at the gorgeous b-day card I received from Chris - she's one of my SBS10 Sistah's and she's the absolute BEST at sending out birthday cards. Me? Well, I stink at that, but I'm proud to call her sistah!!

See those cool squares; she stamped on acetate and then backed it with Kraft cardstock; it's just so cool! When I grow up, I want to do that! :D

The bottom blue flower looks all soft and velvety - then the flower on top which she stamped - that's so cool; I haven't done that either! Amazing what you learn from others! LOL

Thanks for making my day so special Chris; I LOVE the card!




Lorraine said...

oh so pretty. i love happy mail! I hope that your birthday was absolutely fabulous!

Michelle said...

Isn't she just the best?? Sorry, but I stink as well at sending out cards! Bad huh?? We have the most cards in our homes from all our classes, but are the worst at actually getting around to sending one out! LOL
Glad you got at least one handmade card.
Have a great day