Monogrammed Note Cards Coming Tomorrow!

WOW...remember that little rash I mentioned? Well, that little rash looked not so little yesterday AND included some nice large swelling under my eyes. Then...it moved to the inside of my right arm; then to my stomach....hmmm...guess this isn't a heat rash. Ya think? It turned out to be contact dermatitis; it appears I got it from some pesticide we picked up Sunday evening. We didn't have a cart, so I carried it around against my shirt with my right arm wrapped around it...hmm...stomach, arm, face - yep; got a problem!

I'll give you a quick run down of how I spent the evening Tuesday. Picked up a short burst steroid and started it immediately - that night. Um...no sleep; went to bed at midnight, I wasn't tired but knew I would need to get some rest. I've been up today (Wednesday) since 4:30 a.m., it's now midnight on Thursday and I'm STILL awake!

I took the 2nd dose of the antibiotic this morning (Wednesday) - it can cause sleeplessness, so taking it in the morning is best. Right now? I'm just praying for some rest!

The rash is better today, the swelling under my eyes is less; my right arm and stomach are clear, so I'm definitely healing. To make Tuesday that much worse...I had a meeting with some executives - there I was, no makeup, bumps all over my face and swollen eyes. N-I-C-E...lookin' good. LOL If I didn't laugh; I'd cry.

Anyway, check back tomorrow; I'll have a huge post with some monogrammed note cards I did for some very dear friends.

Thanks for popping in; hugs, ~M.

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  1. OH MY! This just sounds aweful! I hope you are doing much better today. Wow who would have thought it would spread like that? Sheesh...and a meeting on top of that...sounds like something that would happen to me!


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