Thinking happy/funny thoughts

As this post goes live on my blog, I will technically be "under the knife", so I thought it would be fun to look for some happy/funny thoughts...and possibly TMI (YOU'VE BEEN WARNED)!!

So when I wake up, I'll look something like this (pretend she has blonde hair):

And I'm confident I will be very grumpy and in pain; and then I'll look like this in a few days:

Except certainly not that cute OR perky, but in the meantime, I thought I should celebrate the good side of this event and look for the funny within:

1. No makeup for AT LEAST 4-5 days
2. Can I put makeup on left-handed - oh my!?!
3. Driving to/from the big city much less...in turn saving fuel
4. No work for at least 2 days, no driving to the office for 3 days
5. My kids will now be at MY service
6. Can I wipe with my other hand (TMI - you were warned, don't be hatin' on me)
7. I'll need help getting dressed - ugh, pretty sure it will be the FIRST time my husband has had to put my bra ON rather than taking it off - whee
8. Maybe I'll get some extra special lovin' on Valentine's Day AND my anniversary (2/22), although my husband will be out of town on our anniversay...which leads me to...
9. When hubby is gone, WHO will help put my bra on and get dressed? YIKES!!
10. I am NOT asking my co-workers to help me button my pants, better be able to make that work - IMMEDIATELY!!

So to keep me laughing as I'm recuperating, leave me some lovin' telling me something I might not have thought of or something funny that's happened to you before/during/after surgery!

I have a ton of creations for posting...just not sure if I can make it happen; we'll just have to see! Meanwhile, I'll see you back in blogland soon. Take care my friends, take care!

Hugs, ~M.

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  1. Can you pick your nose with your left hand :-O


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