Memorial Weekend 2011

WOW - it has been hot and SO windy here!  How about your weather; what's it been like where you are?

Saturday I met my BFF for lunch and a movie, "Bridesmaids"....oh, now THAT was funny!  I always have so much fun with her and we laugh and laugh and laugh!  We have a little BFF getaway planned for August - CANNOT.WAIT!!!

Sunday, I took the girls to the Nature Center for a little hiking, well really just walking, but it was hot and very windy.  We didn't see much wildlife at all - middle of the day, not the best time anyway, but we had fun!  I took a few pictures of the creature we did see A LOT of...and a few of the girls.  Our oldest daughter really makes me laugh - you'll see why below, she's ALWAYS a goofball.  Whereas the youngest daughter seems to tolerate it all very well.  LMBO!

Our son was with his dad working and playing, so it was just a girls outting.  From our rough calculations of the trails, we walked about 1.3 miles, but we were all 3 ready to be done!

So I'll leave you with pix from our adventure...and the creature we saw way too many of.  I've added captions to clarify events...or to tell you the "real" story.  LOL

Hope your weekend was great; see you back tomorrow for our next TLT Challenge!!

...sun, wind, girls and turtles...
Hugs, ~M.

Arrival @ the Nature Center (Kaitlyn, on left, stretching to appear taller than her sister, Alyssa)
Oh she makes me laugh; notice Kaitlyn is tolerating her craziness!

Yes, turtles, turtles and MORE turtles - that's all we saw!!
Let's act normal b4 'mother' gets mad!  HA HA
Cool coloring on the turtles, we loved the orange striping!

About halfway through the hike; Alyssa is reaching as if begging Kaitlyn not to leave her behind.
Yep; MORE turtles sunning!
And a whole log of turtles sunning!


  1. Michele, it sounds like you've had a wonderful weekend. Your daughters are beautiful and what a great day you must have had.

  2. Great photos Michele! What lovely girls they are! Lovin' the turtles - so cute!

  3. Sounds like you and the girls had lots of fun!!

  4. Hi Michele, sounds like you had a fab weekend! The photos are great, I love the turtles, so sweet! Pami x

  5. That looked like a lot of fun! Love all the turtles and the girls funny antics!


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