We're back!

We are back from vacation and had a great time. I think I'll skip the "major" problems we encountered on Wednesday - the day we left and instead, I'll stick to the positive (to keep myself smiling as much as anything), and post some pictures for you to view soon.

I'm looking to do a couple slide shows and post those as time permits. It's back to work Monday with ball practices beginning this week - in other words; insanity rules again. LOL

I hope you had a fabulous week and a joyous Easter!!!

Here's a couple pictures for the time being...note, the water was ONLY 57 degrees in the lazy river; so many people floated the river with only their rear touching the water through the intertubes and therefore we heard so many people say: "my butt is numb"... LOL!!

Chat with you soon!

Hugs, ~M.

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  1. Oh my! I am so excited to hear that you all got a chance to get away on a little vacation! I have to say I am jealous! Except...I might enjoy a vacation with out the kids.


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