16 Years of Blessings

Friday, my DH & I celebrated 16 years of a blessed marriage! These are the gorgeous flowers he sent me - he always requests "exotic" when he orders them...but he also told them they had made flowers for me on Valentine's Day, so do something a bit different. These are stunning!

Here's some peeks at my flowers.

If you look really close; those leaves and things on the right side are my Valentine's Day Flowers. And if you look even closer in the lower right-hand corner; that's a picture of us the day before we married. It was the first time we saw each other in our wedding attire. What fabulous memories!!!

You have to look really close at the 'unique' pieces of this arrangement - on the left-hand side they bent two leaves over towards the right and secured them with purple pins - so beautiful.

Also at the bottom, they bent a leaf over and added these gorgeous baby roses - the baby roses were all closed up tight when I received the arrangement. These pix were taken at 11 p.m. and you can see the baby roses have opened a bit. But there's one raised up higher than the others that's just a tight bud - isn't that adorable? Those roses are all placed directly on the leaf that is bent over.

We also got to have a date night - which doesn't happen often at all. We have basketball practice 4 nights per week so Friday is a 'free' night that we usually reserve for family. But this Friday, it was reserved for just the two of us! We saw the movie "The Bucket List" - loved it; and we had dinner at Sumo's - oh so scrumptious!!! Sumo's uses a Smokeless Habachi Grill - you end up eating with other people you don't know; but it was still intimate and great fun!

Our chef was amazing; they twirl their utensils, they play lots of jokes on you and on and on. At the end, when we had all been served our meal, our chef kinda flattened some shrimp and then would toss them in the air for each guest to catch in their mouth - let me say - the girls beat the boys!!! WOO HOO!

I hope your weekend was splendid, mine sure was! Take care; hope to see you again soon! ~M.


  1. sounds like you had a great evening. it is nice to get out together with out the kiddos every once in a while. congrats on 16!

  2. Congrats on 16 years! The flowers are beautiful. So I bet all the girls at work are jealous of you and all your flowers. :-)

    LOVE Sumo - Cid wants to go there to eat for her birthday.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Hello Michele! Congrats on 16 years - we just celebrated ours as well. Isn't married life fantastic!
    Your flowers are just gorgeous - my DH brought me flowers home (white roses) from the garden at his work. Kinda doesn't have the same effect tho huh??
    Well done! Sounds like a fab celebration you had.
    Michelle SBS10
    P.S Have you checked out Sarah's request for emails/addresses/birthdays on her blog?

  4. what a pretty flower arrangement! dinner sounds like it was a lot of fun, happy belated anniversary.


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