Hit with a Pitch - WARNING GRAPHIC!

Our son played in a baseball tournament this past weekend and was hit above the eye with a pitch; I won't give you all the details but to say - I'm traumatized! He's doing great; no concussion, he's very blessed...as are we!

I've made a slideshow of our pictures to date...enjoy but please know these pictures are graphic (no blood, just lots of swelling and bruising)!

Thanks for stopping by; take care! ~M.


Anonymous said...

OMG! Michele, that poor boy. Looks the the ball got the best of him. Miss you tons dear, wish you were here :) Hugs and Loves,

Aimeslee said...

Oo, ouch! Yup, why is this a right of passage for ball players, but it seems to be . My DD as a teen on an A team was hit by a fastpitch softball so hard with a helmet on right there that it knocked her out and she had an eye and forehead like that. You think I could remain calm and nonchalant like all ball players moms are supposed to? Heck no. I was thinkin brain damage concussion the entire time, but they are tougher. He's probably proud of it, hehe. xoxo

Dale said...

Those are wicked pictures. I'm proud of him but I know it hurt bad. Makes my stomach turn thinking of him getting hit and you having to watch that.