How our young man will look with facial hair!

During the summer, our youngest goes with his dad to work. DH rents shop space at Murphy & Sons; one of the Murphy's son's now runs the shooting range and shop. Anyway, the son is SO GOOD with out kids; he's always willing to play with them, put them to work, or just chat with them. We have some great stories of fun things he's done with our kids - like one time he put our youngest daughter in a box, hid her in a room and when the secretary went in the room, our daughter popped up out of the box and I'm sure scared her spitless.

Anyway, THIS is his creation today - he taped our son up and then place beautiful facial hair, lips and teeth on him. Made me laugh!

I have lots of new stamping projects, I'll get them loaded soon. Thanks for popping in and sharing in our fun! Hugs, ~M.

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