Valentine Fun

So...what do you think this is?

Any guesses? If you know what it is, how many are there?

Oh Valentine parties are just around the corner and insanity rules! Check back later this week for Valentine and Birthday craziness - it abounds!!!

Have a great week! Hugs, ~M.


Anonymous said...

How cute! You have such brilliant, innovative ideas! You go girl! Love ya, BFF

In the blink of an eye said...

They look like Heart shape suckers?? maybe 54 of them??

nancymt615 said...

Heart shaped white chocolate lollipops and around 35 of them.

Enfys said...

Haven't a clue, but they look very intriguing, will be back to check!

Dee Jackson said...

Great colors. I think they are white chocolate suckers. My guess is 75 of them:)
Did you make all of them? Man it brings back memories of being the room mom.